Black Friday Maker Day

It's Black Friday.  You know what that means... No, not braving the hordes of consumers descending on stores around the country.  It means it's MAKER DAY!  Instead of a day of shopping, I enjoyed a day of sharing ideas, learning from other educators, and making cool...

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Flashlightsaber Build

So, I've been on a Star Wars kick lately with the new movie due out soon.  What better way to celebrate than to make a mini flashlightsaber with a flashlight from Harbor Freight and some 3D printing? Your cast of characters: Mini flashlight from Harbor Freight - you...

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Hack Sunday

Yesterday was a ton of fun.  My friend @kerszi and I drove up to visit @davezirk at the 5eBoard HQ.  He was hosting #HackSunday, a maker day for our crazy band of maker educators.  There was an open door policy and people were popping in and out all day.  There was no...

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Altoid Tin Fume Extractor

I've been itching to do an Altoid tin project at some point, and at yesterday's #HackSunday I finally had the chance!  My buddy @danborghoff walked me through making an Altoid Tin Fume Extractor, a project from Make Magazine.  This nifty little gadget uses a computer...

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Lightsaber Build

This weekend I joined the folks at Maker Depot for a lightsaber class.  It was tons of fun, and resulted in an awesome looking prop lightsaber.  They are fun and easy to make with just a few items.  Here's how! Materials: Let's Build...

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